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Iluá Hauck da Silva was born in Campinas, Brazil. She has been based in London since 1997, and graduated from Goldsmiths' College, University of London, in 2002. Currently, Iluá is undertaking an MA in Christianity and the Arts at King’s College London. She also trained as a glassmaker in the UK and in France.

Her practice is focused on visually investigating the human condition and its conundrums. Hence, body parts and internal organs feature heavily in her work, functioning as powerful signifiers for different psychological, emotional, and physical afflictions our human nature and experience entail.

Iluá has held solo exhibitions at the National Trust Sutton House, Brompton Cemetery (The Royal Parks), Museu Padre Lima, Brazil, and at the Augustijnenklooster in Gent, Belgium. Group shows include Arrows of Desire (The Horse Hospital Gallery, London), The Savill Garden (The Royal Landscape), The Mall Galleries, Lacey Contemporary Gallery, National Trust, Kabinett Gallery (Boston, USA), Shoreditch Town Hall, York Art Gallery, and York Saint Mary’s.

Hauck da Silva has been nominated twice for each the following three art awards: Aesthetica Art Prize, Passion for Freedom, and Winter Pride Awards.

Her work has been featured in: Aesthetica Magazine,The Times, Boston Art Review, Artlyst, Elephant Magazine, and Caliban (Portugal).

She is currently the artist-in-residence for the British Optical Association Museum, and her end-of-residency show ‘Pathos Ocularis – The Beautiful and the Curious’ opens in late September.


The glass the glass hearts:

Called 'Dishing out love (blue)', 2019, glass and 1930s porcelain bread plate. And 'Dishing out love (red)' , 2019, glass and 1950s porceIain bread plate.

10cm diameter.

Price: Both €265

The heart drawing is 'Diaphanous Heart', 2017, crayon on paper.

Price: €175 (including frame)

The snail drawing is called 'Emotional Intelligence', 2017, pencil on paper.

Price: €185 (including frame)


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