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Aleksandra Mallet (prev.Kahakopi), is an artist born and raised in the cold capital of Finland, Helsinki, 1984.

Her mom was also a painter and she started her painting studys in early age by her mom Eeva Maria Kahakorpi (prev.Rusi).

She studied in primary Art school of Torkkeli Helsinki following of BA brogram of Pekka Halonen school of Fine Arts.

After her studies she has been working as an Gallerist and a curator starting 2009 in Gallery Ateljeejee and had have exhibitions in Finland, Berlin, France and Mexico.

She is also part of Artist event group Helsinki Underground Arts and Bridge Helsinki.

After several residences in Berlin, Mexico City and Helsinki she currently resides in Merida, where her work has been inspired by Yucatan and the colourful Mayan culture, while still drawing from her arctic origins. While the colour blue has often been present lately reflecting the Mayan culture embracing her life, her former pieces created in Mexico city used a lot of UV and dark hues, representing the lively and colourful women of Mexico City.

The reoccurring theme in her work is nature. Growing up in Finland with its majestic forests and finding peace in its presence, a longing for natural spaces and serenity.

"Nature is necessary for me in able to be happy and calm. In nature I feel that i can breathe, think and use my full creative potential. Without Nature i feel trapped and irritated. Perhaps it is the fact that I have been born in Finland, and growing up close to nature and forests, is the reason why I feel comfortable in nature. ”

Her upcoming exhibitions are based in Mexico City, Puebla and Merida.


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